About Me

Hi, my name is Philip 👋 . Born and raised in Germany. Product person by heart and entrepreneur since 2011, started multiple companies in Berlin, Hamburg and Dortmund.

I am one of the nuwo.co co-founders, helping businesses navigate their way to a better future of work, by creating healthy workplaces where employees are productive and feel at home.

Back then I also co-founded and bootstrapped Fleetbird to 1 Mio. € ARR which was then acquired by Wunder Mobility in 2018. As part of the leadership team at Wunder Mobility we grew to one of the largest new mobility platforms in the world. Providing software solutions for clients (TIER, Deutsche Bahn, Emmy, Miles, Rheinenergie etc.) in over 70 cities worldwide.

Prior to starting as an entrepreneur I studied Business Economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke, a reputable, anthropological oriented university in West-Germany

Angel Investments - 13 awesome companies since 2021

Since 2021 I’ve done 13 Angel Investments, I am Co-Investing with Investors like Mana Ventures, Craft Ventures, Sequoia Capital, SV Angel Fund, Founders Fund, Google Alumni Fund, Unpopular Ventures

Send me your Pitch Deck: [email protected]

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Social Media - happy to connect!

LinkedIn 💻: https://www.linkedin.com/in/phdmueller/

Twitter (now✖️): https://twitter.com/pmuellercom